APOLLO™ Micro-Grid Energy Management System

The APOLLO Micro-Grid Control software is the Renewable Energy industry’s smartest, most capable EMS that provides engineers, developers, installers, and financiers the tools not just for design and modeling of Micro-Grids, but it also actually runs the Micro-Grid on a day-to-day, minute-to-minute, and second-to-second basis in order to deliver those predicted results. The OMS component of the software communicates with the various DERs at the physical location of each Micro-Grid. The OMS picks up it’s marching orders from the APOLLO SERVERS running in the OpenEGrid Cloud and has autonomous responsibility for day-to-day instantaneous decision making and control of all aspects of locally located DERs. The OMS communicates key performance parameters back to the cloud for machine learning, deeper analysis, and record-keeping purposes.

This allows for re-adjustment and fine-tuning of operating parameters, thus enhancing the overall performance of the system and maximizing the Financial Results of each Micro-Grid.