Micro-Grids, Energy Storage
& CA Rule 21 Solutions

OpenEGrid and FIMER/ABB announce industry’s First UL/Sunspec Certified IEEE 2030.5/Rule 21 Compliant DER Products

Maximizing energy savings and operational efficiencies to facilitate the two way flow of energy.

OpenEGrid is a software company created by a team of experts in Energy, IOT, and Software Infrastructure Architecture who have a passion to apply the emerging technologies in Big Data, Analytics, and Cloud Computing to legacy Energy Systems in order to significantly improve interoperability across Distributed Energy Resources in what is now emerging as the ‘Smart Grid’.


How OpenEGrid platform helps you take control

Energy Efficiency

$$ Savings without compromising Comfort

Demand Response

Yet another brick in the ‘Stacked Revenue’ pyramid


Get paid to help the Utility and your neighbors


Basic building block of the ‘Smart Grid’


Adds ‘Reliability’ to unpredictable Renewables!

EV Charging

into the Future!

Frequency Regulation

Grid support

Manual Override

Take control when situation demands..

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