• OpenEGrid Certified Gateway enables your Inverters with appropriate MODBUS commmunications interfaces to be IEEE 2030.5 CA Rule 21 CSIP compliant. If your Inverter is already Sunspec compliant, we integrate and test our IEEE2030.5 gateway with that inverter for a minimal fee and issue the ‘attestation’ required for listing that inverter as being IEEE2030.5 compliant.
  • Our compliance services team will work with you to make your 1741-SA inverters Sunspec compliant and obtain Sunspec Certification for your inverters with appropriate MODBUS interfaces. After which, we integrate and test our IEEE2030.5 gateway with that inverter for a minimal fee and issue the ‘attestation’ required for listing that inverter as being IEEE2030.5 compliant.
  • Consultancy is an integral part of our engagement with our key partners. We work with your engineering teams for making your inverters’ MODBUS interface Sunspec compliant and also, provide integration and attestion of your Inverters for IEEE 203.5 CA Rule 21 compliance.
  • Realizing the importance of reducing the hardware footprint and the associated overheads, which some of our partners have voiced, we now offer our certified IEEE2030.5 software stack for embedding and running IEEE2030.5 NATIVELY on your inverters’ internal ICU/processor.
  • An essential/key component in our product offerings is our IEEE2030.5 AGGREGATION SERVICE on our cloud platform whereby, your inverters can talk to our aggregator and participate in the emerging DER programs. We work with you for such integration. THIS IS THE QUICKEST, EASIEST, AND LEAST INTRUSIVE WAY FOR YOU TO ACHIEVE COMPLIANCE. We will conduct our own testing and integration of our Aggregator with your inverters and issue the letter of attestation! Prior to starting work, this offer requires an agreement to be signed between our companies which essentially says that any revenues accrued by deployment of IEEE2030.5 services (as and when the DER programs and tariffs are implemented by the utilities) shall be shared between us and stake holders for a minimum period, after which the agreement renews on a yearly basis. For clarification on the Revenue sharing model with the stake holders, please contact us via our contact-us page.
  • Our IEEE2030.5 CERTIFIED aggregator SOFTWARE (with some exceptions) can be customized to CREATE your own aggregation service on your own platform..
  • Our IEEE 2030.5 Software Consultants and Experts can work with you to create your own aggregation service (with some exceptions) and integrate it with your own EXISTING monitoring platform.

IEEE 2030.5 Gateways

External Gateway

plug in gateway

IEEE 2030.5 Client runs on the OpenEGrid OMS and makes any inverter IEEE 2030.5 Phase 2 capable for California Rule 21 compliance thru a direct communication between the OMS and the inverters MODBUS registers. This software provides the capability for the inverter to be controlled by any IEEE 2030.5 DERM (Distributed Energy Resource Manager), including the OpenEGrid Aggregator.

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Embedded Gateway

integrate into inverters

IEEE 2030.5 EMBEDDED Client software runs natively on the inverters’ own processor, sharing the same processor and memory resources that the inverter uses internally for its own command and control purposes. This package has the same capabilities as the OpenEGrid External Gateway package.

IEEE 2030.5 Aggregator

IEEE 2030.5 AGGREGATOR software runs on the OpenEGrid Cloud. This package communicates with the Utility Company’s DERM (or any IEEE 2030.5 DERM) on the one side, and any IEEE 2030.5 Gateways on the other. This package is available from OpenEGrid as a SaaS offering to anyone wanting to set up their own Aggregator for DERs they may want to offer to the Utilities under DER Provider Agreements, or simply to create their own VPP/s.