IEEE 2030.5 On Site Management System – Single DER Gateway Self-contained in NEMA 4R rated enclosure, complete with Power Supply. Self-contained outdoor rated unit for single DER device. Cellular Modem option requires OEG-OMS-CAR21-CM and OEG-OMS-CMPlan.


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Price includes license fee, and also maintenance, bug-fixes, version upgrades, and phone support for each year of service. Free access to OpenEGrid Aggregator (No On-Boarding Fee) is included.

Orderable via OEG website if you know your cumulative wattage, else call OEG customer support at (833)OPENEGRid

Software license for OpenEGrid software to control IEEE2030.5 compliant inverter(s)

  • 0kw-499.99kW=$.02/Watt Cumulative
  • 500kW – 999.99kW= $0.01/Watt Cumulative
  • 1000kW – 4999.99kW= $0.0075/Watt Cumulative
  • 5000kW+ = $0.005/Watt Cumulative

One Year Warranty on H/W