IEEE 2030.5 Gateways


External Gateway

plug in gateway

IEEE 2030.5 Client runs on the OpenEGrid OMS and makes any inverter IEEE 2030.5 Phase 2 capable for California Rule 21 compliance thru a direct communication between the OMS and the inverters MODBUS registers. This software provides the capability for the inverter to be controlled by any IEEE 2030.5 DERM (Distributed Energy Resource Manager), including the OpenEGrid Aggregator.


Embedded Gateway

integrate into inverters

IEEE 2030.5 EMBEDDED Client software runs natively on the inverters' own processor, sharing the same processor and memory resources that the inverter uses internally for itss own command and control purposes. This package has the same capabilities as the OpenEGrid External Gateway package.

IEEE 2030.5 Aggregator

IEEE 2030.5 AGGREGATOR software runs on the OpenEGrid Cloud. This package communicates with the Utility Company's DERM (or any IEEE 2030.5 DERM) on the one side, and any IEEE 2030.5 Gateways on the other. This package is available from OpenEGrid as a SaaS offering to anyone wanting to set up their own Aggregator for DERs they may want to offer to the Utilities under DER Provider Agreements, or simply to create their own VPP/s.