Our Vision

OpenEGrid is a software company created by a team of experts in Energy, IOT, and Software Infrastructure Architecture who have a passion to apply the emerging technologies in Big Data, Analytics, and Cloud Computing to legacy Energy Systems in order to significantly improve interoperability across Distributed Energy Resources in what is now emerging as the 'Smart Grid'.

Our goal is to maximize energy savings and operational efficiencies in buildings & facilities and to facilitate the two way flow of energy as Renewables proliferate and significantly impact the grid.

Our Mission

Climate change imperatives have given rise to proliferation of Renewable Energy generation resources which have begun to blur the lines between producers and consumers of electricity. This new world needs the tools for not just Conservation and Efficient use of Energy, but also to facilitate the buying and selling of electrical energy. This creates a market place rife with opportunity to make significant profits on intelligent investments in this new class of Distributed Energy Resources (DER).

While Micro-Grids and Virtual Power Plants seem to be the way to 'cash in' on the transformation that is beginning to happen, there is a clear and urgent need for tools to facilitate an intelligent interaction between the components, devices, and assets that go to make up the modern day electric grid.

At OpenEGrid we have created the tools to accomplish this in an easy, quick, and most importantly, COST EFFECTIVE manner!

More than 75 Years of Collective Experience

Our team members have been in the Renewable Energy business for more than a decade and a half, and as a result have a deep understanding of the Electric Utility Markets and their needs.

Vijay Israni is a 15 year veteran in Renewable Energy business, a serial entrepreneur with deep roots in Electrical systems, Renewables and a passion to accelerate the use of clean sustainable energy for our planet. Prior to entering Renewable Energy space, Vijay managed sales and customer support teams in several large organizations including AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Siemens, Alcatel, etc for over 20+ years.

Prabhakar Nellore has 25+ years experience leading Systems Architecture teams, design of complex software systems involving energy management, infrastructure, sensor and device communications, embedded systems and applications, with a passion to apply emerging trends to Energy space to maximize savings, improve operational efficiencies and stabilize energy systems.

Jay Panicker has 25+ years experience in software product development and architecture of enterprise solutions. His expertise areas include operating systems, database kernels, IOT platforms, analytics and machine learning. He has held senior architect roles in CTO office at Wipro and IBS Software Services. As Director of Engineering, Jay managed database and middleware development teams at Oracle and HP.

Our Specialities

  • DER Solutions IEEE 2030.5 aggregator and DER Client Gateway
  • Battery Storage, Fuel Cells & MicroGrid OpenEGrid does intelligent management of Battery,PV/MicroGrid
  • Virtual Power Plant OpenEGrid can monitor and manage Virtual Power Plants
  • Automated Demand Response OpenEGrid can interface with utilities thru OpenADR and IEEE 2030.5