MONETIZE your energy investments

Open E-Grid Mission

Brought together by a passion for innovation, clean energy, and the willingness to take on big challenges, OpenEGrid has provided a platform to bring together well experienced software engineers, entrepreneurs, and financial experts to address the challenges and opportunities that emerge as the excitement builds towards a new world of energy that’s cleaner, smarter, and way more ‘democratic’ than the monopolistic silos of the past!

Our founders have deep experience and expertise in Renewable Energy, AI, Communications, Big-Data, Analytics, and Finance.

To facilitate and enable the transformation of the Energy Industry towards a cleaner, smarter future thru a BILATERAL cooperation between producers and consumers of Electricity in a manner that makes FINANCIAL sense for all concerned!

We provide products for creation of ‘Micro Grids’, California Rule 21 Compliance, Monitoring, control, and upkeep of DERs, and provide expertise and consultancy to various stake-holders such as equipment manufacturers, Project Developers, Utilities, Government, and Quasi-Governmental entities.

Open E-Grid Advantages

Team with deep experience in several and various aspects of Renewable and Clean Energy, Back-Up Power, Resiliency, Sustainability from design concepts to actual deployment

Multi-Protocol, hence not locked in to any particular alliance, initiative, or device manufacturer

Highly scalable & ‘Open’ standards hence inter-operates across ‘silo’s, protocols, and standards

Core team understands business aspects of the marketplace as clearly as the technology and the practical aspects of deployment in the field

Our Features

How OpenEGrid platform helps you take control

Energy Efficiency

$$ Savings without compromising Comfort

Demand Respose

Yet another brick in the ‘Stacked Revenue’ pyramid


Get paid to help the Utility and your neighbors


Basic building block of the ‘Smart Grid’


Adds ‘Reliability’ to unpredictable Renewables!

EV Charging

Driving into the Future!

Frequency Regulation

60Hz - That's it!...or is it 50Hz and That’s it!

Manual Override

Take control when situation demands..


Join the smart grid revolution!