Advanced engineering to help you stay connected to the smart energy world.

Advanced, Open, Economical

At OpenEGrid, we have built an open standards based multi-protocol, big data and analytics platform for implementing and managing Micro-Grids and Virtual Power Plants. Our implementation embraces several protocols and devices from various manufacturers, thus overcoming the problem of the big players in this field trying to build 'silos' that slow down progress.

We expect our platform will be used by everyone who cares about energy....specifically the cost effective deployment of clean energy technologies. C&I and Utility Companies, as also Govt entities would benefit tremendously from deploying technology enabled by our software

Smart Gateway

OpenEGrid Smart Gateway is built around a powerful microcomputer with an array of connectivity options. We support a number of protocols, inclulding Modbus, Zigbee, Blutooth, Wifi.

Cloud Platform

OpenEGrid platform offers secure connectivity, device management, scalable data storage, analytics and application APIs. Devices connect using MQTT, AMQP, STOMP or REST APIs over links secured with SSL/TLS and OAuth 2.0. Support for OpenADR 2.0 enables interaction with energy grids.

Edge Intelligence

Monitor and Control all your devices right from OpenEGrid Intelligent Smart Gateway. Powered with machine learning and rule engines, it will customize and automate many a task for you.

Application APIs

OpenEgrid makes application development and enterprise integration a breeze with our rich set of RESTful APIs. All aspects of OpenEGrid platform including device management, device onboarding, data access, user management, status monitoring, notifications etc are accessible via these APIs.